How to be Assertive

All of the Tools can be used to speak your mind and to be assertive

It is easy to feel under pressure when it comes to expressing yourself. You may feel under the spotlight and may not feel confident about what to say, especially when you may feel fearful of how it will be heard by others.

There are a few basic things, which you can do that will help you to be clear and confident in what you are saying, even if you feel that it may be different to the views of others.

• Plan what you want to say and write it down clearly. You could also rehearse it with a friend.

• Try to stay calm even if you feel uncertain or angry.

• If you think you are not being heard then calmly repeat yourself, until you feel acknowledged.

• You don’t have to answer questions straight away. If you feel under pressure, say you would like time to think about it please.

• You have a right to express your views and to have them respected. Trust yourself. You can get the best care for yourself by being:

• assertive - not angry. • persistent – not pushy

Be positive.
Keep trying and eventually,
it will pay off.