What should the Unit be like?

You should normally be on a unit that is only for young people. So you should be with other children and young people. The environment should be suitable for young people; there should be things available that young people like to do and the staff should have specific training to work with young people.

You will have a team of people involved in your care and treatment and they will give you information on your illness and the treatments available in the unit to help you. Your educational needs should also be considered by your team as you have a right to access education. What you can do, will obviously depend on your mental health condition.

There should be facilities that allow you to practice any religious or cultural activities.

Sometimes, because of your condition or for some other reason, you might be admitted to an adult unit. If this happens there should be separate sleeping and bathroom areas for young people.

If you are on an adult unit everything should be done to make sure that you feel safe, and that you are not bothered by the other patients.

If the staff on an adult unit are not trained to work with young people then there should be someone from the staff who has experience of working with young people, and they should be in charge of your treatment, or advising the staff on your unit.

You may have lots of questions like what is there to do on the unit, what can you bring into the unit, will you have internet access or will you still be able to see your friends.

Power Tool 2 will help you to ask questions about the unit.